Surprise, surprise, Gokhan Sirin to transfer

Posted on 13 April 2011 by J Felt

Last chance we could use this picture for Gokhan

As The Goldmine has already reported earlier today, Gokhan Sirin, the 3-pt Specialist from Turkey, has decided to transfer out of the Charlotte 49ers program. He has decided to pursue other options where he may be better suited.

Most of Niner Nation predicted this as Sirin’s playing time diminished as the season progressed. Whether it be a lack of connection with the coaching staff or as a result of his own effort, Gokhan just did not fit anymore. Major and Co. stress defense and motion on offense, both things that can’t be listed as strengths when it comes to The Turkey. David Scott already went into good detail here, so we won’t bother. This is similar to when Gaby opted to transfer as Spears became eligible.

GTG wishes Gokhan Sirin and hope he finds a place where his talents will fit.

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